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  1. Reduce stress by keeping track of vital information, appointments, medications, and daily activities. 

  2. Enhance communication with healthcare professionals, family members, and other caregivers by leveraging the valuable tools presented in the book. 

  3. Improve your caregiving experience by providing the best care possible while maintaining your own well-being.
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About Nick I. Gonzalez
Nick is a very creative individual who loves to talk about marriage, family, and thriving Christian living. He brings a wealth of relationship knowledge and experience to his books, blogs, video courses, and talks. Nick has been married for 33 adventurous years, raised four successful young adult children, and has three treasured grandchildren.

Nick combines his passion for Christ with decades of experience to help couples build strong, happy marriages. He has been helping families improve their relationships for over 30 years, offering readers and audiences alike a unique perspective and a down-to-earth approach.

So far, Nick has written three engaging books full of practical advice, providing the perfect resource for anyone looking to strengthen their marriage and build a happier and more fulfilling life.

Join Nick on a journey that will elevate your relationship to new heights of happiness and fulfillment. He is a trusted voice for strong families and is always available to offer dependable support and guidance.

Nick earned his Master of Divinity from Azusa Pacific University and currently serves as the director of Victory Outreach Bible College. Although born and raised in San Francisco, California, he now lives in Southern California with his wife, Marisol. When he’s not writing or spending time with his family, you can find him riding his e-bike.

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