Six Behaviors Toward Embracing Vision For a Thriving Relationship

Introducing 'Unbreakable Marriage,' the ultimate roadmap to building a resilient and thriving relationship. In an era where breakups are frequent, 'Unbreakable Marriage' equips you with the tools to cultivate a lasting and fulfilling bond. Enhance your partnership with our transformative 'VISION' blueprint that reveals six essential behaviors designed to strengthen your connection. Discover greater joy and truly thrive together with 'Unbreakable Marriage.' 
Praise for Unbreakable Marriage

In "Unbreakable Marriage: Six Behaviors to Embracing Vision for a Thriving Relationship," Nick Gonzalez offers couples practical strategies and wisdom to build lasting and fulfilling marriages. Drawing from years of counseling experience, Nick presents six key behaviors that help couples strengthen their bond and navigate life's challenges. My wife and I wholeheartedly endorse this book and commend Nick for his dedication to helping couples thrive. - Pastor Sonny & Kim Arguinzoni, Chino, Ca.

The book "Unbreakable Marriage" had me asking questions I never thought to ask. My wife and I have been married for 32 years. Yet I can imagine that if we had read the gems in this book early in our relationship, it could have helped us intentionally create a path for our family instead of accidentally. In these dark times, we need more voices we can trust, and he is one of those voices. He is the real deal. I encourage everyone who wants an unbreakable marriage to read this book. - Pastor - Tony & Veronica Velasco, Honolulu, Hawaii.

"Nick Gonzalez’s book is comprehensive and in-depth. We especially appreciated the six chapters on behaviors, which helped us reflect and improve our marriage. Thank you, Nick, for providing tools to keep marriages strong and unbreakable." - Pastor Greg and Alicia Yalch, Hollywood, CA.

"‘Unbreakable Marriages’ is a transformative guide that breathes life into the essence of a strong union. The six behaviors, like valuing your spouse and understanding their well-being, deeply resonated with my wife Kim and me. This book is a beacon of wisdom for couples at any stage. Thank you, Nick, for helping us build an unbreakable bond." - Pastor Robert and Kimberly Chavez, Long Beach, CA.

"We highly recommend ‘Unbreakable Marriage.’ Pastor Nick and Marisol are dear friends, and their book brought tears to our eyes. After 47 years of marriage and significant loss, this book refreshed our journey toward healing. It’s a must-read for couples at any stage, offering practical wisdom for an unbreakable marriage." - Pastor Charlie and Pogie Moreno, Chino, CA. 

"In this era of strained marriages, 'Unbreakable Marriage' offers vision and insight to enrich your relationship. Whether you’re a newlywed or a seasoned partner, facing challenges or enjoying smooth sailing, this book provides a vision to strengthen your marriage." - Pastor Ed & Rosa Gonzalez, San Francisco, CA.

"‘Unbreakable Marriage’ isn't just another book; it's a guide that inspires and equips couples with practical tools to enrich their relationship. Nick's insight resonates deeply, emphasizing unity, collaboration, and purpose as indispensable pillars of a thriving marriage. His personal anecdotes and dedication shine through, providing inspiration and encouragement for readers. We wholeheartedly endorse this valuable resource for couples seeking to strengthen their bond and navigate married life together."  - Pastor Mike and Annette Moreno, Hollywood, CA.

"Unbreakable Marriage: Six Behaviors Toward Embracing Vision for a Thriving Relationship" is a visionary and practical guide designed to help couples experience the true essence of God's purpose for the sacred institution of marriage. I wish my wife, and I had read this book at the beginning of our marriage journey. Pastor Nick communicates his experiences in a straightforward, relatable, and reader-friendly manner that everyone can understand. This is a must-read for every couple. It offers a clear vision for marriages to become both unbreakable and Christ-centric." - Pastor / Dr. Dell and Sonia Castro, D. Min., Riverside, CA.

"We are thrilled to congratulate Nick Gonzalez on the release of his life-changing book, **"Unbreakable Marriage."** Nick and his wife, Marisol, have been incredible sources of inspiration and wisdom for us and countless others striving to strengthen their marriages. We truly believe this book is a must-read for anyone seeking to enhance their relationship and build a marriage that lasts a lifetime." - Pastor Bob and Claudia Berrios (Author of the book, *Peace for Your Life*), Concord, CA.

"In a time when society places importance on having a vision for so many areas of life, this book puts the importance of having a vision for your marriage. **Unbreakable Marriage** offers practical advice and personal experiences from a marriage that has stood the test of time, providing insights that can transform your relationship. Whether you're newlyweds or celebrating decades together, this book will bless and refresh your marriage." - Pastor Isreal & Alexis Vasquez, Hollywood, CA.

About the Book

  • Are you feeling confused about your relationship? 

  • Tired of experiencing disconnection and isolation?

  • Struggling with insecurity?
Look no further.

In a world where relationships often crumble, "Unbreakable Marriage" stands strong as a pillar of enduring hope. This book offers practical wisdom and actionable strategies to turn your marriage into an unbreakable bond.

"Unbreakable Marriage" serves as your blueprint, highlighting six essential behaviors that foster stability, lasting love, and resilience. 

Drawing from thirty-four years of marriage, author Nick I. Gonzalez shares invaluable lessons in this transformative work.

What sets this book apart is its visionary approach to relationships.

By introducing fresh perspectives on love and commitment, it invites you on a journey of profound transformation and deeper connection within your marriage.

The insights and practical strategies in this volume will revolutionize your relationship, paving the way for a hopeful, healthy, and thriving partnership.

Transform your marriage from fragile to unbreakable.

What's Inside?
Table of  Contents

1.  Introduction: Unveiling the epidemic of breakups, separation, and divorce.
2.  Revealing Vision's Crucial Role in Marriage
3.  Discovering the Vision and Aspirations within Marriage
4.  Ten Signs Your Marriage May Lack a Clear Vision
5.  Aligning Ambitions for a Resilient Relationship
6.  Seven Biblical Perspectives on Marital Vision
7.  Behavior #1. Value Your Spouse: Demonstrate Appreciation and Esteem.
8.  Behavior #2. Be Informed: Know your Spouse's Well-being.
9.  Behavior #3. See the Big Picture: Don't Get Stuck in Minor Details.
10. Behavior #4. Be Inspired: Nurture Innovation and Faith.
11.  Behavior #5. Be Optimistic: Foster a Resilient Attitude of Hope.
12.  Behavior #6. Never Stop Working on Your Marriage: Build Tenacity
13.  Writing the Vision for Your Marriage
14.  Divine Influence: Embracing the God Factor.
About Nick
Nick I. Gonzalez is a very creative individual who loves to talk about marriage, family, and thriving Christian living. He brings a wealth of relationship knowledge and experience to his books, blogs, video courses, and talks. He is a licensed minister, earned a Master of Divinity from Azusa Pacific University, and is the Director of Victory Outreach Bible College. 

Nick has been married for 34 adventurous years to his wife Marisol, raised four successful young adult children, and has three treasured grandchildren.

Unbreakable Marriage marks Nick's fifth book, offering couples the opportunity to grow more, enjoy more, and thrive more through his signature Unbreakable Marriage Vision Blueprint.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Nick has dedicated the last seven years to caring for his wife, Marisol, who bravely faces Alzheimer's disease. The journey has deepened his connection to his wife and strengthened his resolve to share the relationship lessons they have learned with others.
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