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Avoiding the Five Most Common Mistakes that Ruin Relationships

A. Strengthen your marriage. This FREE guide helps you manage relationship issues effectively, improving your marriage and making it more resilient. 

B. Protect your marriage. Get valuable insight to keep your marriage strong, avoid common problems, and increase happiness and stability. 

C. Align your marriageReceive guidance based on Biblical principles for establishing a resilient, faith-centered marriage.

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I commend you for taking this step toward strengthening your marriage. Every effort to improve your connection brings you closer to a happier and more fulfilling life. We are here, ready to help transform your relationship to new heights of happiness and fulfillment.

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Unbreakable Marriage will be released on June 30, 2024.

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Ten Commandments for Couples
The Indispensable Practices Found in Healthy Relationships

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  • Gain Valuable Insights: Learn what makes a healthy relationship to build a foundation of love and support while nurturing trust and intimacy.

  • Identify Shared Values: Discover common beliefs to enhance your ability to collaborate and work together as a unified team.

  • Experience Marital Fulfillment: Build a strong, lasting marriage where both spouses are genuinely happy, fulfilled, and resilient.

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Top Ten Marriage Books
Anyone can get married, but it takes work if you want a good marriage. If you want a great marriage, you will need to invest in your relationship, so buy a book.

In Sickness and in Health
I never thought it would happen to me. Our lives have been blessed for years. But then the doctor gave us his diagnosis, Alzheimerā€™s.
Books to Help your Marriage Thrive!
All of my books listed below are available in both paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon.
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Nick is a very creative individual who loves to talk about marriage, family, and thriving Christian living. He brings a wealth of relationship knowledge and experience to his books, blogs, video courses, and talks. Nick has been married for 34 adventurous years to his wife Marisol, raised four successful young adult children, and has three treasured grandchildren.

Nick combines his passion for Christ with decades of experience to help couples build strong, happy marriages. He has been helping families improve their relationships for over 30 years, offering readers and audiences alike a unique perspective and a down-to-earth approach.


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