Spring Cleaning Your Marriage: Tips for Decluttering and Organizing Your Relationship.
Spring is all about new beginnings and new life; it’s a season that symbolizes starting fresh and starting over. 

After months of cold temperatures, spring reawakens us and our surrounding environment, bringing everything back to life.

In the New Testament, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is also associated with the spring season. Jesus was crucified during the Jewish festival of Passover, and his resurrection occurred soon after that. This event is the ultimate symbol of new life and renewal, as Jesus conquered death and was raised to new life.

Spring is also the perfect time to give your marriage a little spring cleaning. Maybe you have been stuck in the winter blues. Well, good news, people! It’s springtime! Just like decluttering your home, decluttering and organizing your relationship can lead to a happier and more peaceful family life. Wouldn’t you like that? We all do. 

Here are some spring cleaning tips for your marriage:

  1. Get rid of the clutter: Just like you might donate old clothes or throw away expired food, it’s essential to get rid of any negative emotions or behaviors that are cluttering up your relationship. Talk to your partner about unresolved issues or resentments and work together to find a solution. If you need help, contact someone from your local church or search for a marriage coach or professional marriage counselor. The money invested will not be a waste.

  2. Make a plan: Much like how you’d make a to-do list for your spring cleaning tasks, it’s essential to plan your relationship goals. Set aside time to discuss what you both want from your marriage and devise a strategy to achieve those goals.

  3. Clear out distractions: Just as you might unplug from technology to focus on your cleaning, it’s essential to clear out any distractions preventing you from connecting with your partner. For example, turn off the TV and put away your phones during dinner, or set aside time for a date night without any distractions (and don’t talk about work either.)

  4. Prioritize self-care:  In the same fashion that you might take care of yourself by getting enough sleep and exercise, it’s important to prioritize self-care in your relationship, especially with caregiver partners. For example, take time to pursue your hobbies or interests (even if only for a few hours) and encourage your partner to do the same.

  5. Celebrate your progress: Just as you would celebrate a clean and organized home, it’s important to celebrate your progress in your relationship. Take time to acknowledge and celebrate the positive changes you’ve made and use that momentum to continue improving your relationship. Life is short; get out, move your body, and dance like nobody is watching.
Springtime comes around every year; it’s a reminder of the power of God to bring new beginnings and fresh starts and the importance of nurturing our faith to see it grow and flourish.

For married couples, it’s an opportunity to shift and put things in order, out with the old and in with the new. So, whoever you used to be in the winter, now is the perfect time to change on purpose, grow in your marriage, and “spring up a well.”

Spring cleaning your marriage will take effort, but the benefits are well worth it. The summer and fall seasons will thank you. By decluttering and organizing your relationship, you can create a happier and more harmonious family life that will last long after the spring season. 

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